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Atlantis and Lemuria

Legends and Myths or Vanished Advanced Civilizations of the Past?
New proofs – they exist!

In the flood of Atlantis literature, one book sticks out, one written by a geologist which proofs, based on substantiated knowledge, that there were ancient civilizations - the precursors of our civilization were Atlantis and Lemuria. The author has, for professional reasons, been to many parts of the world where he has been able to gather the relevant information. All those interested in Atlantis will finally learn from this book how, when and where these cultures of prehistoric times actually developed and demised …

Witnesses to a Sunken Advanced Civilization in the Area of the Pacific Ocean that are described in this book:

1) Cuenca, Ecuador:
This magnificent land, which stretches from the Pacific coast over the high Andes to the Amazonian lowlands, shows three archaeological peculiarities: Two cave systems full of unrecovered (?) treasures from an unknown "antediluvian" culture, as well as the former museum of Pater Crespi - today housed in the bank there.

2) Peru - Coast and Mainland:
One or more inscribed columns were discovered deep under the surface of the coastal waters off Peru, which are attributed to an unknown sunken civilization. Peru itself is positively the classic land of megalithic witnesses (Sacsayhuamán, Cuzco etc.) of a mysterious pre-Inca culture.

3) Tiahuanaco, Bolivia:
This name covers a collection of massive complexes, built from the volcanic rock of Puma Punku. Once this harbor city lay on the Pacific, today it is near Lake Titicaca. The covered shelters are especially mysterious, as if danger from the air was to be expected! This too is not decoded: the calendar-like depictions on the so-called "Sun Gate".

4) Easter Island, Rapa Nui:
Ethnology has no plausible explanation for both the mysteries of this island: Who created these giant stone statues, the moai? And to which culture can the characters of the Rongo Rongo tables be attributed, which find their counterpart in the glyphs in the Indus Valley: Mohenjo Daro - but this alphabet is already legible and translated.

5) Pitcairn:
The stone monuments boldly destroyed by the first sailors of our epoch hinted at a cultural connection with Easter Island.

6) Rapa Ití:
"Fortress buildings" can be found here, which seem pointless in the context of the little island, if one did not assume a larger hinterland.

7) The Marquesas Archipelago:
This archipelago is full of mysterious witnesses to a prehistoric megalithic culture, as is for instance known on the island of Nukuhiva. Here the stone monuments of Paeke can be found in the Taipivai Valley, which display the following gigantic measurements: there is a terrace of 100 x 20 meters, put together of smoothly polished stone blocks of 4.5 x 3.0 meters.

8) Malden Island:
The remains of all sorts of megalith constructions have been described to exist on this lonely little island: Temple platforms with the ruins of many stone structures, of which streets paved with basalt lead in all directions into the ocean.

9) The Kingdom of Tonga:
On the island of Nuku Alofa stands the so-called "Trilithon", a kind of gate arch of disproportionate size as well as a megalithic wall.

10) Nan Madol:
Here the unexplainable (apart from Easter Island) reaches its climax: Thousands of basalt columns are stacked like a log cabin on top of each other, forming giant complexes in stone, which continue under the surface of the water. As if that was not enough: From the precious metal platinum coffins were supposedly recovered. Where are they and who were the former builders of this entirely cyclopean system?

11) Tinian:
On this island, but also on its neighbors, are large stone columns ordered in pairs, which bear capitals. This cannot be brought in accord with the present island inhabitants huts, made of plant material!

12) Yonaguni:
Off the coast of this most south-westerly island of Japan, undersea buildings were discovered which cannot be attributed to any known East Asian culture. So witnesses to a sunken megalithic culture are provable in the entire Pacific area: Off Japans Islands all the way over the Pacific Ocean to the shores of Peru. In addition, the mythology, from Hawaii in the north to - as we will shortly see - the Maoris in the South, speaks of a former continent with a former race, which are both unknown to science!

13) New Zealand:
The ancient legends of the Maori contain statements about a prehistoric population which inhabited both the main islands of New Zealand, long before the Maori, "Ao Tea Roa", coming from the central Pacific, settled there. The inheritance of these ancestors continues to live on in the blood of the Polynesian Maori. This was a race known across Polynesia: The red-blonde, often blue-eyed, powerful "Patu Paiarehe" people of the Maori myths. And what do they tell at the other end of Polynesia?

14) Hawaii:
In the Kumulipo, the creation myth of the Hawaiians, the original homeland of the Polynesians is discussed. This Hiva or Hawaiki is supposed to have been a continent that sunk in the Pacific.


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